IT Strategy 

At Intelliware, we take great pride in resolving technically sophisticated challenges and realizing ambitious objectives with passion and dedication.

We approach all Strategy projects with a preliminary Discovery process.

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Build vs buy

The competitive landscape today increases the demand for efficiency more than ever before. The advent of new technologies has made many legacy systems obsolete. Build or buy is a decision that you will have to make. Let Intelliware help you make the right choice for moving forward.

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Re-platforming Legacy Infrastructure

Whether accumulated over time or acquired from mergers, yesterday’s data systems can transform into tomorrow’s scalable platforms. Our team of software developers engineer solutions from existing legacy platforms and transform their capabilities to support modern technologies. We re-platform and modernize your aging systems and extend your investment. Beginning with system evaluations and application effectiveness assessments, we identify important barriers to overcome and recommend an affordable way forward.

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Technology Due Diligence

Considering a potential acquisition or merger? Inherited a system from a far-flung division? Want to do a current state assessment of your legacy system assets? Mitigate risk in your decision-making and plan effectively before you make any go-forward decisions. We frequently assess the state of IT environments, assessing gaps in functionality, and identifying opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. An effective IT health evaluation can represent significant value when your business is faced with many unknowns.

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