Every build starts with a Discovery.

Intelliware’s disciplined but flexible Discovery is a highly collaborative process that engages client business and technology stakeholders to translate business requirements into software solutions to be built, bought or augmented.  

The Discovery process drives out a set of deliverables, including future state engineering vision, Product Backlog and a Product Roadmap for iterative and incremental builds, timelines, team construct and budget.


Current State Assessment

UX Workshop

Strategic Objectives

Future State Engineering

Delivery Planning


Seed Architecture

UX Strategy

Product Roadmap

Budget and Timelines

Team Construct


Staff Assessment


Knowledge Transfer

External Experts

Objective Perspective

We tackle 4 types of challenges

Challenge 1

Unhappy Customers

Your products are difficult to use and feel outdated.

Challenge 2

Costly Operations

The way you deliver projects takes too long.

Challenge 3

Competitive Threats

You’re pressured by nimble competitors using new technology to deliver better customer experiences.

Challenge 4

Inability to Scale

You have too many manual workarounds which were intended to be temporary.

We deliver on your objectives

  1. Taking the first step

  2. Improved customer experience

  3. Getting internal control

  4. Scaling your business

Our Discovery provides a clear roadmap for the future

Working collaboratively with business and technology stakeholders, Intelliware’s Discovery process drives out a high level, actionable plan to Deliver solutions that meet your strategic business and technical objectives.  Our engagements include hands-on development, UX Strategy, Agile process and technical coaching and knowledge transfer to enable and Sustain Agile best practices.

Iterate & Collaborate

Our Discovery process is a highly collaborative and iterative.

Strategic Objective

Identify and understand strategic objectives through interviews with business and technology partners.

Current State

Establish a baseline of the current state technology landscape, business requirements, and user experience.

Future State

Develop a robust and viable future state business, technical architecture, and UX strategy vision.

Strategic Options

Identify options for achieving future state.

Actionable Plan

Our plan is to deliver a solution using an incremental and iterative approach.

A Discovery takes weeks not months.

The deliverables at the end of the Discovery provide the information needed to manage the uncertainty in the initial stages of the build, while supporting product evolution from design to delivery.

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