After delivery, Intelliware remains committed to helping you succeed over the long run. Our co-teaming approach to the Delivery phase of your project ensures that you have the in-house capability to evolve and adapt your solution without external dependencies. When you do need help, we are here to provide it.


Team Ramp Down

Knowledge Transfer

Delivery & DevOps Hand Off

Performance & Quality Product


Self-Sufficient Operations Team

Reliable Delivery Process

Robust Software Solution


Burst Capacity

Roadmap Support

Level 3 Support

Process Maintenance Support

Our support for your solution in the Sustain phase of your project starts with an organized ramp down of our staff and an equally organized right sizing of the teams on your side.

  1. Ramping down the team

    After the flurry of activity around the initial development is done, it is important to successfully transfer your solution into a sustainable maintenance mode. Through co-teaming, documentation and ongoing strategic support, Intelliware helps you take over the keys to your own solution. We take pride in ensuring that our clients are not dependent on us once we’re done. However, we do remain available to help as needed on an ongoing basis.

  2. Knowledge transfer

    The how-to of day-to-day development is generally handled on an ongoing basis by co-teaming.  Your team will understand how to run the CI/CD pipelines and automated tests.  We’ll provide documentation to help ensure that the system can be maintained and evolved.

  3. Ongoing performance/security testing

    As your solution settles into production mode, we are available to help with any performance challenges that emerge over time because of unanticipated usage patterns or unexpected data scaling.  Also, we can help with the ongoing security of your solution as deployment environments change over time. 

  4. Burst capacity

    Software solutions never stay static. Technical environments evolve, customer needs advance, and most often, business requirements drive necessary change to systems. Intelliware is always ready to help you accelerate any major changes you need to your solution over time.

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