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    Technology Assessments and Roadmaps

    • Evaluate how technology could better be leveraged in your organization
    • Create plans for your new or existing technology
    • Support from our experienced technology leadership team for your major IT initiatives

    Software Development

    • Agile, reliable, milestone-driven software development
    • Custom enterprise and mobile applications
    • Focus on extensibility and maintainability


    System Integration

    • HL7 integration experts
    • EMR integration
    • IT system consolidation

    Why Intelliware?

    Agile process ensures high velocity delivery

    • Mitigate project risk and deliver value faster



    Experienced team of healthcare technology experts

    • Our healthcare leadership has  been together for over a decade delivering technology solutions to the healthcare industry


    Quality that healthcare demands

    • Our team has a reputation for successfully solving the toughest IT challenges



  • Products


    • The leading open source enterprise portal solution.
    • Used by many Healthcare organizations across North America such as the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT), the Blue Cross, Blue Shield, MedImpact, and HealthPRO.
    • Business friendly: A leading product with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
    • Developer friendly: Flexible, scalable and secure.
    • User friendly: Easy-to-use and customize.

    “Liferay’s intuitive user experience, featuring drag-and-drop portlet arrangement and management, is tops.” —InfoWorld

    eConsult & eReferrals

    • A web-based application that gathers information about a care referral and formats the referral data using HL7 standard messages.
    • Applicable for many types of care referrals: rehabilitation, community support services, medical orders, mental health and addictions, and more.
    • Business friendly: Eliminates manual processes, captures wait-times and service trends, and enables analysis and action.
    • IT friendly: Manage referrals electronically in a standardized data format with minimal support and maintenance required.
    • User friendly: Easy-to-use web-based service with an intuitive user interface.

    TestLevel7 (TL7)

    • TL7 is a suite of tools that allows developers of HL7 v3 based systems to test the compatibility of their messages with specific implementations.
    • An HL7 test sandbox designed for developers to:
    1. Learn about the standards in an interactive way;
    2. Look up reference data about HL7; and
    3. Experiment with processing messages (even when the messages aren’t 100% perfect).
    • Business friendly: A multi-user, multi-jurisdictional and very cost effective tool.


  • Clients


  • Leadership

    With Intelliware since May 2004


    Ken Stevens VP, Healthcare

    • Oversaw the technical integration of Healthwatch™ into multiple Provincial Medication Management Systems across Canada.
    • Co-chair of Interoperability and Innovation Committee for ITAC Health.
    • For over 20 years, Ken has defined, developed, integrated and managed complex business applications including large strategic direction and planning initiatives.
    • He has led healthcare informatics development and integration initiatives collaborating with OTN, Canada Health Infoway, ITAC, HealthPRO, and the Hospital for Sick Children.
    • Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.
    • PhD in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.
    • Ken designed and coded the first web edition of the Globe and Mail.
    • In his spare time, Ken designs and publishes board games.

    With Intelliware since Oct 2000


    Louis Richer Director, Solution Delivery – Healthcare

    • Louis designed and delivered the first batch dispensing feature for Healthwatch™, providing support for medication management within hospitals and long-term-care facilities.
    • Implemented real-time integration with Tandem National Drug Claims Adjudication.
    • Medication Inventory tracking and prescription label integration.
    • Over 15 years experience designing and delivering custom software.
    • A proven career collaborating with customers and development teams to provide strategic vision, guidance and recommendations based on business drivers and technical input.
    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Concordia University.
    • Bachelor of Law Degree from Dalhousie University, and an MBA from McGill University.

    With Intelliware since July 1998


    Cesar Farell Healthcare Technology Director

    • Cesar Farell Healthcare Technology Director
    • Cesar led the technical strategy, design, planning initiatives and delivery on a wide variety of projects for HealthWatch™, Shoppers Drug Mart’s Pharmacy Management System
    • Integrated with Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database
    • Integrated with numerous Provincial Drug Information Systems (BC, NL, AB, SK).
    • Senior Architect with over 12 years of enterprise software design and development.
    • Chair of Medication Management Standards Committee for the Canadian Standards Collaborative.
    • Bachelor of Math Degree from the University of Waterloo.
    • Master of Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto.

    With Intelliware since Sept 2000


    BC Holmes Chief Technologist

    • Led the development of the Infoway Message Builder API, an HL7v3 library used by multiple vendors across Canada to exchange Healthcare data.
    • Designed and built, a multi-jurisdictional HL7 message validation tool used to support automated testing in the development of HL7 applications.
    • Senior Architect with over 20 years of software development experience.
    • BC has extensive experience leading solution architecture and delivery of health informatics systems integration and product development.
    • She has deep e-Health domain knowledge and has presented at numerous industry events on the topic of HL7v3, the Infoway Message Builder and Hacking e-Health.
    • BC lead the team that implemented the first web banking application in Canada.
    • Bachelor of Math Degree from the University of Waterloo.

    With Intelliware since January 2001


    Jason Roberts Healthcare Software Standards Specialist

    • Jason led the team who delivered the Infoway Message Remixer, a tool used to track variations in healthcare standards across Canada.
    • Baker Cell Pill Counting integration, eRx Script Exchange integration.
    • Senior Developer with over 15 years of software development experience and over 8 years of health informatics experience/expertise.
    • Chair of the non-clinical registries standards committee for the Canadian Standards Collaborative.
    • Jason collaborates with industry experts including e-Health Standards stakeholders and licensed pharmacists to gather, analyze and harmonize conflicting requirements, and design value-added solutions.