New areas for product innovation.

Intelliware uncovers new areas for product innovation in automated workflows for Healthcare.

Aurillion, today a division of Diebold, was known for innovating, developing and refining software solutions to improve productivity and automate workflow for patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. Aurillion supplied hospitals with self-serve registration kiosks for incoming patients, bar-coded inventory tracking systems, and a software platform to enable data exchange between all healthcare applications.

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Aurillion senior management identified growth opportunities and potential product advancements. They recruited Intelliware to complete an assessment of a specific application in their portfolio and to provide a technology scorecard against industry standards and best practices.


Intelliware assessed the Aurillion application for stability, scalability, maintainability, and core technology risks. The work resulted in a focused, actionable report identifying potential areas of risk with the product and, more important, opportunities for innovation. The deliverables from this engagement were incorporated into Aurillion’s strategic planning and product development going forward.

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