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Legacy system maintenance is the most expensive line item in any Enterprise’s IT budget. The worst part is that this cost isn’t just in hard dollars. Slow, clumsy, brittle systems hamper an organization’s ability to be nimble in the marketplace and to respond to their customers’ changing needs.

We approach all Strategy projects with a preliminary Discovery process.

5 Signs You Need to Replatform and Modernize

  1. Unfulfilled customer demand

  2. Lengthy development cycles and time to market

  3. Untenable operating costs

  4. Inability to scale

  5. Developer complaints

Replatforming and Modernization Strategy

Legacy systems Replatforming and Modernization can vary from a straightforward “lift and shift” migration to a new environment to a complete architectural rewrite. Usually, a pragmatic approach to Replatforming and Modernization for most businesses lies somewhere in between these two extremes. 

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Replatforming and Modernization projects is that they need to be an all-or-nothing, all-in, all-at-once approach, which is a dangerous mindset.  We’ve found that an incremental approach, with commitment to Agile technical practices, is the best way to ensure a successful program.

Intelliware has extensive experience in any number of approaches to Replatforming and Modernizing legacy systems.  From extensive multi-year programs for large financial institutions to shorter term projects helping technology firms to scale better, we have experience with any number of strategies to help you address your legacy system issues. 

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Co-Team Build Services

Undertaking a Replatforming and Modernization project can be overwhelming. Partner with a firm that knows how to help you get it done.  Intelliware can provide the process discipline, the architectural and user experience know-how, as well as the extra resources you’ll need to tackle the program.

  1. Partner With Us

    We work closely with our partner organizations throughout the life-cycle of a Replatforming and Modernization program.  In the early days, working with key stakeholders your technical experts, we establish a target seed architecture and user experience that will serve as the foundation for your project.  Then, also working with your team, come up with a build and UX/UI strategy that allows the legacy system and the emerging Replatformed and Modernized system to co-exist, and move functionality into the new world one step at a time.

  2. Co-teaming

    As the project progresses, we establish co-teams to work side-by-side, leveraging your legacy knowledge and our process and target architecture expertise. Our goal at the end of the build?  Not only do you have a fully functional Replatformed and Modernized system, but a team of your own employees to maintain it, and continue to evolve it.

  3. Our Team

    The composition of Intelliware co-teams compliment client resources. Intelliware development and delivery resources work alongside your team in hands-on roles. We can provide leadership, delivery and development roles including Delivery Manager, BA, QA, Architects, UX/UI and full-stack developers.

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