Enriched student experience with calendar.

York University enriches its student experience with a robust calendar app.

York University is Canada’s third largest university, offering degree programs to over 50,000 students in 10 faculties, including graduate studies, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business.


York University secures access to students’ personal information with a service called “Passport York,” a web-based single sign-on system. The University wanted to consolidate the presentation and administration of the existing collection of web applications fronted by Passport York into a dynamic and highly personalized student portal.

York University employees surveyed stakeholders, held focus groups, and conducted workshops with students and staff to identify and prioritize functionality for the larger student portal. Using the results of this expanded consultation process, York University identified a Student Calendar as an important and central component for the portal, and selected Intelliware to design and build it.


Intelliware collaborated with the York University IT team on the proposed design, development, and implementation of a pilot launch of the Student Calendar with the Faculty of Health. The solution leveraged Liferay®, an open source portal framework that allows individual customization and personalized content delivery.

The Student Calendar solution enables students to view all their interactions with York University in one place by aggregating information from diverse databases and legacy systems. Standards-based iCal feeds from the legacy systems are sent to the Student Calendar, which offers visual customization options to each student. In addition, the solution provides students with a comprehensive view of all their calendar information, helping them to save time and minimize scheduling conflicts.

The Student Calendar was very well received by students and staff administrators and has since been expanded to all faculties in the university.

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