With Intelliware, you are not just buying an individual developer’s time. You are getting access to our entire team in a partnership you can leverage to realize substantive business value. 

Our Partnership Process
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From access to our senior technical architects, to working with some of the most experienced Agile practitioners anywhere, choosing Intelliware gives you benefits above and beyond successfully delivering production software.

Our most successful projects have been medium- and long-term Partnerships with our clients. Beyond code delivery, we are able to provide a range of deliverables and services that are of significant value to many organizations. 

  1. Technical and Delivery Leadership

    For Intelliware to stay current, we have had to institute a number of practices that allow us to stay on top of ever-changing technologies.  We have internal Centres of Excellence (CoEs) that cover everything from Microservices Architecture to Machine Learning.  While working with us, you will have access to technical experts working in these development CoEs, as well as their research and findings.  Intelliware can bring our hands-on experience with a wide range of technologies to the benefit of your specific project.

  2. UX/UI Leadership

    Any solution’s success is critically dependant on how the user interacts with the system. We have extensive experience in UI/UX design for a number of different form factors and environments. It’s not just mobile and web anymore. Engage Intelliware to help you figure out how your solution will look and feel.

  3. People

    Many organizations trying to make the leap to Agile struggle with the most important piece of the entire puzzle — finding, training and supporting the People who do the actual Agile work.  Learn from our experienced People team on how to recruit, select, train and retain top shelf Agile talent.

  4. Infrastructure

    Intelliware’s office space in the core of downtown Toronto is a model Agile working environment.  Most of our clients choose to use our available project rooms and technical infrastructure to work on their projects.   We can jumpstart your project at our office, and help you design and implement an Agile space at yours.   

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