Technology Leadership

Intelliware is at the forefront of applying new technologies to solve business problems for clients. We also believe in pushing the boundaries of the way to build and deliver software. These principles position us as trusted technology advisers and change agents for our clients.

  • Research

    We’re passionate about building great software that matters, implementing Agile development practices, staying on top of the latest technologies and participating in technical communities. We like to share our insights on technology and, software development.

    Toronto Skyline

    The Toronto Tech Connection

    This guide, written specifically for American startups and technology companies, unpacks the reasons why Toronto might be the best place to look for your ideal development partner.

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    Data Science: A Primer for Software Developers
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    Image of Bitcoins
    Blockchain: The Other Side of the Digital Coin
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    Skeuomorphism Versus Flat Design: A Closer Look
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  • Centre of Excellence

    There’s a lot to learn in software development and the rapid pace of change can make it hard to keep up. We dedicate time to bring together developers from across Intelliware to investigate upcoming technologies and to share the lessons we’ve learned working with our varied clients.


    Where to go next, after AngularJS

    Our Centre Of Excellence Team investigated the key JavaScript framework alternatives by building some core application functionality in Angular 2, ReactJS, and Polymer.

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    iPhone with the world
    Best Practices to Ensure your Mobile App Succeeds
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    iPhone screen with maze
    Performance Tuning HTML5
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    Going native might be cheaper than you think
    Going Native: Cheaper than You May Think
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  • Learning Activities

    The passion to continuously improve drives our learning culture. We collaborate to build community and foster excellence by running hackathons and study groups. Our developers get time and support for independent research projects.


    TypeScript – A Good Part – Part 1

    TypeScript has emerged as a leading alternative to JavaScript in large projects where compiler-enforced type-constraints1 free developers from runtime uncertainty.

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    Everyone Can Learn to Code
    Everyone can learn to code
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    Compelling Software Facts
    21 Compelling Software Development Facts & Figures
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    Goldfish jumping into a new bowl
    Keeping it STEM – from Mechanical to Software
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